2019 Gala & Fundraiser

ASIA, Inc. Board of Directors group photo (from left to right):
Brant Lee, Boyung Pahls, CEO Elaine Tso, Esq., Co-Founder and Executive Director Emeritus May Chen, Board President Alyssa Naragon, Board Vice-President Dr. Amy Lee, MD, MPH, Earl Pike, and Martha Hom, Esq.

Performers Momoe Garland (third in on the left), her dance partner Dyntro Kovalenko (fourth in on the left) and youth dancers Andy Pavlyk, Melania Sydor, Daniel, & Kathlene Chpak.

Thank you to our dedicated staff and volunteers who helped make this gala a success! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2019 Gala & Fundraiser last Friday! Your generosity has enabled us to expand the Apex Fund’s capacity to promote and support immigrant and refugee entrepreneurship that will, in turn, create jobs, revitalize and stabilize communities, and spark greater economic activity.

A big thank you to our community members and donors for their ongoing support! The money raised on Friday night will also continue to support our efforts in providing culturally and linguistically appropriate resources to ensure effective programming that addresses the needs of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and new American communities in Northeast Ohio.

For more information on our services and programs please visit here.

C.F. and May Chen ASIA, Inc. Co-founder and Executive Director Emeritus

Michael Pahls and ASIA, Inc. Board Member Boyung Pahls

ASIA, Inc. Board Vice-President Dr. Amy Lee, MD, MPH

ASIA, Inc. CEO Elaine Tso, Esq.

Cleveland Asian Festival

Cleveland Clinic – Taussig Cancer Institute

Momoe Garland

Ms. Kim Helms and Kelly Le

ASIA, Inc. Board President Alyssa Naragon

Thuy Ai Nguyen

Susan Wong

ASIA, Inc. Co-Treasurer Wilson Wong, J.D., M.Tax

Were you unable to attend? You can still make a difference!
Your donation will help support the over 58,000 refugee and immigrant families and individuals Asian Services In Action, Inc. servers annually. Every donation made in 2019 will be matched dollar-for-dollar thanks to the generosity of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation.