ASIA, Inc. Department Managers


Elaine Tso (etso@), Ext. 5301
Chief Executive Officer

Mao Vue (mvue@), Ext. 5302
Chief Operating Officer

Minh Ngo (mngo@), Ext. 5303
Chief Financial Officer

Susan Wong (susan.wong@), Ext. 8820
Chief Program Officer



Thunda Choonukoonhong (thunda@), Ext. 5323
Assistant Manager, Interpreting and Translation Services Department (ITS)

Susan Berg Herman (sherman@), Ext. 5324
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects

Samantha Salamon (salamon@), Ext. 3628
Manager, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Department (DVSA)

Kimlee Sureemee (kimlee.sur@), Ext. 8811
Senior Manager, Policy-Advocacy, and Development Department (PAD)

Susan Wong, CNM (susan.wong@), Ext. 8820
Manager, Legal Services Department (ILS)

Sujata Burgess (sburgess@), Ext. 8818
Assistant Director, International Community Health Center (ICHC)

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