Reaching Asian-Americans through Innovative & Supportive Engagement (RAISE)

raise_logo2 Our mission is to eliminate chronic disease disparities and improve the health of Asian Americans (AA) in Cuyahoga County through preventive health initiatives.
We vision a community where healthy choices are prioritized and easily accessible.

Our philosophy is simple. RAISE strategies with community partners to introduce policies, systems, and environmental approaches to eliminating health disparities and health inequities in the AA/NHPI communities. RAISE empowers community partners serving AA/NHPIs to utilize evidence-based strategies address barriers to physical activity, nutrition and weight management with AA populations. RAISE assesses AA/NHPI community needs to define and prioritize areas of improvement by using the CDC CHANGE ToolRAISE develops community health action plans and relationships with stakeholders to increase physical activity and/or improve nutrition within the AA/NHPI community. RAISE assures culturally and linguistically appropriate evidence-based resources and practices are available to AA/NHPI communities to combat chronic diseases. RAISE creates healthy choices for healthy lives.

Each month, RAISE publishes a newsletter for the community that highlights RAISE news, photos, and activities.
Do you want to be featured in the RAISE newsletter? Contact Ashley Choi, Program Coordinator at

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Acknowledgments – RAISE originated from a 5-year project called STRIVE (Strategies to Reach and Implement the Vision of Health Equity). STRIVE is managed by APIAHF and NYU CSAAH. STRIVE is funded by the CDC – REACH Fund. After the success of STRIVE, ASIA, Inc. was granted its own REACH funded by the CDC in 2014 to continue RAISE.

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