4th Annual Spring Speaker Series

In 1992 Damber Subba journeyed day after day across Bhutan, towards safety, with his family. Lhotshampas, a group of Nepali language-speaking Bhutanese people were being forcefully deported from Bhutan as part of ethnic cleansing. Damber and his family sought shelter at the Nepal border. Nearly 16 years later, in 2008 his family resettled in the North Hill neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. At the 4th Annual Spring Speaker Series on Friday, May 24, 2019, Officer Damber Subba guided the audience through a refugee’s journey to America. There are more forcibly displaced people today than in any other point in history. According to a United Nation High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) report, there are 22.5 million individuals currently registered as refugees.  Damber’s family was among the first wave of Bhutanese refugees to move to Akron in 2008. Today Damber is the first refugee to become an officer in the Akron Police Department. Guests heard how Officer Subba’s experience of how joining the police department allows him to act as a bridge between the city’s refugee community and Greater Akron.

Whether you are a refugee, interested neighbor, or looking to support the new American community you can still make a contribution to ensure individuals, families, and communities achieve optimal health and well-being through quality culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Your investment will be amplified thanks to our generous matching investor, the New Americans Campaign EFFORTS Fund.



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