Legal Services Department

ASIA provides comprehensive immigration legal services to low– and moderate-income immigrants
and refugees. Available services include, but not limited to


Consular Processing
Applying for a US citizenship
Applying/renewing a green card
Change of non-immigrant visa status
Immigration case follow-up with USCIS representation
Family-based immigration case including fiancée (K) visa
Humanitarian immigration benefits: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Self-Petitions and U/T Visas

Consult with an immigration lawyer today! Our team of experienced lawyers and immigration professionals will help you with your citizenship application. For legal assistance, the following documents are required:

• Green Card and all passports since obtaining a green card (I-551 Permanent Resident Card)
•  School and employment history from the last 5 years
•  Criminal history, if applicable (arrests, citation, charges and/or conviction regardless of the case result (e.g. final court disposition, arrest records)
•  Information about recent trips outside the United States and Canada

•  Residence and employment information from the last 5 years
•  Material history and/or children’s information, if applicable* (full name, date of birth, address, immigration status information, alien number)
•  State-issued identification, and Social Security number
•  Most recent income tax documents including W2, and/or proof of public assistance (e.g. Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI)

Funded by the United States Citizenship and Integration Services (USCIS), ASIA offers citizenship and civics classes, and provides eligible lawful permanent residents (LPRs) with legal immigration assistance to become naturalized citizens. These classes are available throughout Northeast Ohio and are focused on preparing individuals to take the oral and written citizenship tests. In addition, participants have an opportunity to learn more about American history, how the U.S. government operates, and other important aspects of civics education. The program offers assistance to LPRs to prepare their N-400 applications and to assist them in preparing for their citizenship interviews and tests. The project works in partnership with Cleveland Catholic Charities’ Office on Migration and Refugee Services, Community Legal Aid and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

Interested in Citizenship Classes? Complete the intake form here!

For assistance, please contact Melissa Gawelek, Immigration Lawyer  by phone at 216-881-0330 Ext. 8805 or by email at for a consultation!

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