Legal Services

ASIA’s Legal Services department provides assistance with family legal matters (divorce, dissolution, and custody), Victims’ Rights Law, and immigration matters to communities in Northeast Ohio.

We offer services and consultations from our offices in Northeast Ohio. If your primary language is not English, ask us about interpretation options.


Legal Programs



Immigration Services


ASIA's Legal Services department offers tools, educational opportunities, and counsel to help address challenges with immigration and citizenship. 

Our immigration services include: 

  • Consular processing; 
  • Applying for U.S. Citizenship; 
  • Applying for Certificates of U.S. Citizenship/Naturalization; 
  • Applying for or renewing a Green Card (Lawful Permanent Residency); 
  • Removing conditions on permanent residency; 
  • Applying for Employment Authorization Document; 
  • Applying for travel documents/reentry permits; 
  • Immigration case follow-up with USCIS representation; 
  • Family-based immigration cases; 
  • Re-parole;  
  • Humanitarian immigration benefits including Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), U/T visas, and more. 




Family Legal Services

All too often, the family law system leaves immigrants and refugees without adequate legal recourse.

To close this gap, ASIA has expanded its Legal Services to offer comprehensive legal representation in family law matters. Our services include: 

  • Divorce; 
  • Dissolution; 
  • Custody; 
  • Abuse, dependency, and neglect cases. 



Victim Services


ASIA’s Legal Services department provides trauma-informed, culturally specific and appropriate legal services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and human trafficking.

We pride ourselves on doing so in a holistic manner. This is done by working closely with ASIA’s Ahimsa department while a client is receiving services.  

Together with the advocacy services offered to victims, ASIA’s Victim Services’ holistic policy is based on the idea that one attorney can offer and provide all the legal services mentioned above, in addition to, specific legal services for victims listed below. ASIA’s one attorney approach, not only allows a victim to address multiple facets of their victimization, it reduces the re-traumatization a victim would face as they would have to reexplain their trauma to one different attorney after another. 

The specific legal services we offer to victims are: 

  • Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders; 
  • Civil Stalking Protection Orders; 
  • Civil Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Orders; 
  • Civil Dating Violence Protection Orders; 
  • Domestic Violence Temporary Protection Orders; 
  • Criminal Protection Orders; and 
  • Marsy’s Law Representation. 

In Ohio, the state constitution includes rights for victims of a crime. Some of these include the right to notice of and to attend all court proceedings involving the perpetrator, the right to be heard at bond, plea, and sentencing hearings, and many more. Further, the Ohio constitution states you may have an attorney represent you to ensure your rights are followed. An ASIA Legal Services attorney can also interact with police, court officials, and the prosecutor on your behalf. 


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