This section offers a variety of valuable resources for clients, community partners, policymakers and public health professionals.  The “links” offers local, regional and national level resources from ASIA’s partner organizations.  The “Ohio Asian American data” is a compilation of reports and research ASIA has conducted but also ones conducted by our sister agencies across the country.  The “translated materials” is free to distribute and copy unless specifically noted.  These materials reduce language barriers for many of our ethnic communities.

Interpreting Justice: Progress and Challenges on Language Access
Interpreting Justice: Progress and Challenges on Language Access – Fact Sheet

The Asian American Vote in 2016: Record Gains, but Also Gaps

In 2016, Asian Americans had Record Increase in Presidential Voting

Know Your Rights Material


24/7 immigration hotline in Korean & English: 1-800-500-3222

AAAJ-LA has many KYR resources available on this page:

The resources include KYR cards (made by AAAJ- Atlanta) in the following languages:

Children, Youth and Family Services
Strengthening the AAPI Community Through New Bullying Prevention Efforts
Directory of Domestic and Gender Violence Programs Serving Asians and Pacific Islanders
Poverty, Domestic Violence, Social Inequality: What the New Poverty Data Tells Us About Addressing Domestic and Sexual Violence

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