2009 Dr. James KC Juan Scholarship Winners

ASIA is pleased to announce the 2009 recipients of the Dr. James K.C. Juan Scholarship:

Karen K. Choi, ($1000 Award) Broadview Heights, Ohio: Junior, Pre-Dental Sciences Major, Lehigh University,”…the social aspect of dentistry is what definitely appeals to me the most because I can incorporate my love for sciences with my passion for social work. I would love to work with local dentists and universities to run outreach programs for children and families who cannot afford proper dental care.”

David Wu, ($1000 Award) Dublin, Ohio, Dublin Jerome High School, Actuarial Science, Ohio State University, “It would be selfish of me to learn such a vast amount of knowledge without sharing it. So I have made it a priority to volunteer in my community to donate my knowledge….I conversed with the residents (in the nursing home), who were often very bored. Donating my time in this fashion was especially rewarding. I got to play violin, the residents enjoyed it and they had someone to talk to, which is often rare in a nursing home.”

Patrick Ho, ($500 Award) Sidney High School, Sidney, Ohio, B,S./M.D. program, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine. “…the journey to Eagle Scout as well as the numerous opportunities presented to me helped me realize the importance of philanthropy. Thus I have been volunteering at the local hospital regularly, tutoring underprivileged children every week, and teaching Tae Kwon Do at the local YMCA”

Jessica Parker, ($500 Award) Olmsted Falls High School, Olmsted Falls, Ohio, Nursing Major, Case Western University. “ The time I spent with the refugees has made a significant impact on my outlook on life. It helped me realize the needs in our community and has strengthened my compassion for people in general. I strongly believe that we can learn the most from these interactions. Life becomes more meaningful when we humble ourselves, recognize the needs of others and seek to fulfill those needs with a caring heart.”

Shelby Torre, ($500 Award) Kenmore High School, Biology Major, University of Akron, “I feel that with all the activities I have been involved in and all the achievements I have received, I have a good start to what I want to do. I hope I can do at least half as good at influencing people as Dr. Juan did.”

Li Wei Hung, ($250 Award) Ohio State University, Physics and Astronomy, “”For me, no matter in what place, in what form, my happiness always comes from the time when I help other people. Although I don not have money to people, I am more than willing to offer my time and my energy to anyone who needs them now and in the future. The happiness coming from volunteering is notable and priceless.”

David Tan, ( $250 Award) Ohio State University, Political Science and International Relations, “Thus my spiritual and moral discipline, community service, and diversity has grown considerably through Inter Varsity and Gleaners food bank and I will endeavor to succeed through hard work and continued education whether in school or in the workplace.

Congratulations to all the winners!