Advocacy Request from the Area Agency on Aging

A message from Area Agency on Aging 10b Inc.

We received word late Friday that the House definitely does not have the votes to pass Medicaid expansion. AARP and many human service organizations are doing an all-out push to impact House members. AARP is running ads in the media in the western part of the state. They will be publicizing ways to reach out to legislators including the toll free number: 888-844-5009.

There is a large rally being planned for Thursday and a social media blitz. Extending Health Care coverage to more Ohioans is important for consumers AAAs represent but it is also a smart and compassionate move for Ohio. Not doing Medicaid Expansion could also negatively affect the budgets for PASSPORT and other aging programs. While this is not one of the core “asks” of the AAAs, it is important to generate grassroots support for this critical issue.Please spread the word and reach out as a concerned Ohioan by getting involved in one or all ofthe following ways.
  • Contact your legislators through the toll free AARP number to connect to your legislator. Let them know that Medicaid Expansion is important to you and to the state of Ohio. Ask them to put People ahead of Politics and vote to extend Medicaid health care to people up to 138% of the federalpoverty level.
  • The Medicaid expansion coalition put together a Facebook event for Thursday. Please join the event, invite all your friends in Ohio, and share the event on your wall. Click the link below to view this event!