ASIA, Inc. Citizenship Class Celebrate Diversity

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, Asian Services In Action, Inc.’s Akron Citizenship Class celebrated multicultural diversity and student success by hosting a themed potluck. Through food, “World Dinner” brought together the teacher, students, and volunteers of the Immigration Legal Service’s Citizenship Classe. Ella, the Akron Citizenship Class instructor, asked students to bring in a dish from their birth country so each student could share a piece of their culture and identity with other classmates.

Three of the students in the Akron Citizenship Class also had a celebration of their own. Tha Blay, Hu Sin, and Lay Aung, all graduated students, were recognized for their hard work preparing for the Naturalization Test. Together, these students contributed over 150 hours of studying and helping others prepare for the test. All are now outstanding U.S. citizens.

“ASIA, Inc. is proud to recognize the amazing efforts of our students from all backgrounds. We commend Tha Blay, Hu Sin, and Lay Aung for their accomplishments!” said Rachael Steer, who oversees the ASIA’s Citizenship Class Program.