ASIA, Inc applauds introduction of Health Equity & Access under the law (HEAL) for immigrant women & families act.


March 17, 2014
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Akron, Ohio – Asian Services In Action, Inc is applauds Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM-01) and her colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives for introducing the Health Equity & Access under the Law (HEAL) for Immigrant Women & Families Act of 2014. This bill removes the barriers to affordable health care for immigrants authorized to live and work in the United States that have been erected over the last two decades, and allows immigrant women and families to participate in the health care programs their tax dollars support.

Immigrants work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities and our economy, but under current law are denied access to health care programs supported by their tax dollars. ASIA, Inc. believes immigrants should have the same responsibilities and access to affordable health care as their friends and neighbors.

• Immigrants should be treated fairly by the health care system they contribute to. They shouldn’t face political interference in their health coverage simply because of their immigration status. There is a great need for legislation like the HEAL Immigrant Women & Families Act to address the harmful, costly, and counterproductive political interference that denies immigrant families access to affordable health care.
• When moms are healthy, the whole family benefits. Immigrant women are the backbones of their families and communities. They are the drivers of integration, encouraging their families to learn English, succeed in school and business, pursue naturalization, and fulfill their civic responsibilities. When immigrant women can make their own reproductive health care decisions, they are healthier and able to better care for their children and family members – making the whole community stronger.
• This bill is important for the health of immigrant women. Immigrant women are more likely to be low-income, of reproductive age, and uninsured for health care. They are also more likely to suffer from cervical cancer—for a woman facing cervical cancer, five years can mean the difference between life or death.
• Everyone would benefit from this legislation. Immigrant women and families without health insurance may delay treatment, leading to higher costs and greater suffering, or seek care through under-resourced and expensive emergency systems. We know that when more of us have health coverage, our workforce is healthier and our economy is stronger.

By ensuring immigrants are able to participate in the health care programs their tax dollars support and get the care they need, this bill will create healthier communities and a stronger economy. ASIA, Inc. is proud to support the HEAL Immigrant Women & Families Act.
View the key messages of the HEAL here: Click here


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