ASIA's Immigration Legal Services Program

ASIA’s immigration legal services program has established an immigration practice unlike other private law firms in the area. Led by an experienced immigration attorney, Inna Simakovsky and an experienced immigration program coordinator, Eunice Park, ASIA’s immigration legal services program strives to meet the communities’ needs for affordable immigration services, and has provided quality, culturally appropriate, and professional immigration representations and/or immigration legal advice to hundreds of clients since the inception of the program in March 2009.

The goal of ASIA’s immigration legal services program is to provide quality, experienced and professional immigration services to the communities and maintain the affordability of the services. In order to meet this goal, all immigration legal services fee is assessed based on a sliding scale. Under the program, the available services include but not limited to:1) applying/renewing a permanent resident card (a.k.a. green card); 2) Applying for a U.S. citizenship; 3) family-based immigration cases including Fiancée (K) visas; 4) immigration cases follow-up with USCIS representation; 5) medical disability waiver for citizenship cases; 6) legal consultation for various types of immigration cases.

For more information, please direct all inquiries to Eunice Park at or 216-881-0330, ext) 214.