Carnegie Corporation Discusses The Right To Vote


Carnegie Corporation of New York recently attended a workshop of The New Americans Campaign conference in Huston, Texas in September. Three of ASIA, Inc. staff members attended the conference aimed at Naturalization and Citizenship.


  • Eunice Park – Immigration Attorney
  • Sally Chan –¬†Program Coordinator/ESOL Instructor
  • Kimlee Sureemee – Assistant Manager of Policy, Advocacy, and Development

Carnegie Corporation of New York interviewed Kimlee and other Civic Engagement leaders why it’s important for recently naturalized citizens to vote.¬† Here’s what¬†she said:

“In our refugee environment, we stress the importance of creating an¬†environment where you want to live, and you do that with the power to¬†vote.¬†The [refugee] community is very timid about heading to public polls, so we¬†focus on absentee ballots to ensure they can still participate.¬†Placing ¬†the ballot envelopes in the mail is when¬†they feel that they are making the difference.”

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