Chan’s Story


Chan was twenty-seven when she arrived in the US after the military coup in Myanmar. She was so stressed about her parents' health problems and her future that she had little time and energy to take care of her own health.

Chan’s mother had advanced heart failure that required open-heart surgery and heart valve replacement. The coup started soon after her surgery, so her family had to flee before she could fully recover.

Meanwhile, Chan’s father endured torture and imprisonment, as well as malnutrition in the refugee camps. They both struggled with medical emergencies, infections, and chronic pain upon arriving to the US.

ASIA's International Community Health Center team rushed her mother to the emergency department of a local hospital to undergo treatment for tachycardia, sepsis, kidney injury, and medicine toxicity. They subsequently followed up with her closely to monitor her condition and address her concerns regarding her treatment and new pacemaker. They also made arrangements for her father to receive physical therapy, orthopedic surgery, and neurological help.

Six months later, Chan’s mother is in a stable condition and enjoys caring for her grandchildren, while her father’s chronic pain has improved so that he can live more freely. Chan was finally able to get peace of mind to focus on her own health and career. Now she works for Apex Fund for Economic Opportunity to help refugees develop financial literacy and plans to pursue nursing school.

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*An earlier publication noted that Chan was already in nursing school. A correction was made to indicate that she is planning to pursue it, but has not yet started. Chan is currently pursuing an Associate's Degree first.