Citizenship among Asian-American Immigrants On The Rise


Source: New Americans Campaign

Naturalization rates are comparatively high in AAPI communities.

“Of all immigrants in the United States, 47 percent are U.S. citizens by naturalization. Of all Asian immigrants, 59 percent are naturalized,” said Jeanne Batalova, Senior Policy Analyst with the Migration Policy Institute.

“Naturalized citizens earn more than their noncitizen counterparts, and they’re less likely to be unemployed,” said Jannette Diep, Executive Director of Boat People SOS. “Citizenship alone can boost individual earning by 8 to 11 percent.”

Newly naturalized citizens also shared their stories.

“I am very proud to be a U.S. citizen,” said Ngoc Kim Lam of Houston, a naturalized American citizen from Vietnam. “There are more opportunities here and my life is better than before.”