Condolences for domestic violence victim Shinobu Higa

We would like to express our great sorrow for the death of Shinobu Higa, 36 of Fairview Park.  Ms. Higa died March 16 as a result of being beaten by her husband, a pre-med student at Case Western Reserve University.

In sympathy of this tragedy we are reminded of the women who are victims of domestic violence and the cultural stigmas associated with domestic violence that are present in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.   In Northeast Ohio it is estimated that 3,575 Asian Pacific Islander women experienced physical assault by an intimate partner at least once during their lifetime and 2,081 reported having been raped.

We must do more to protect our communities and to empower women.  Asian Pacific Islander women face different barriers to accessing domestic violence resources including language barriers, fear, community pressure, legal obstacles, and lack of self sufficiency.

ASIA provides comprehensive domestic violence services to Asian women in need.  Our services are culturally competent and language assistance is available. If you need help, contact the ASIA SafeLine (216.280.1313). All information including identity is kept confidential.  To learn more about the program contact Eunice Park or Allison Arsouzy (216.881.0330) or click here.

Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Women also provides support, education, and advocacy resources for women in need.  Please contact or call  216.368.0985 for more information.