[Event] Medical Interpreting Certification

ASIA’s Interpreting and Translation Department is proud to share with you its new Medical Interpreting Program Breaking Boundaries in HealthCare® – a nationally recognized medical interpreting program in Northeast Ohio. This medical interpreter training course is nationally recognized and created by Culture Connect, Inc., an IMIA interpreting service provider member. The 6—day course (45 hours) provides bilingual individuals with the skills required to deliver accurate and complete medical interpretation in health care settings. The course is open to speakers of all languages and follows a curriculum that and is the first required step toward national certification for medical interpreters.

Medical_Interpreting_Course_About_the_Program_2016_Sessions_5_6-jpgBBIH_Medical_Interpreting_Course_Schedule_2016_Sessions 5_6-page-jpg

Sign up today! Deadline for session 5 is April 30th. Deadline for session 6 is June 25th. Contact Mao Vue at mvue@asiaohio.org or (330) 535-3263 ext. 5302.