Get covered- December 23rd is the deadline for January 1 coverage

A message from The White House:


Since¬†October 1st, more than 1.2 million Americans are poised to gain coverage under Obamacare — and more are picking plans every day.

Now, the deadline is coming up to get coverage from the Marketplace in time for the new year. You have until December 23rd to select a plan in order for your health insurance to start by January 1st.

So if you’re reading this email and you need health coverage, go to right now. Shop for a plan that meets your needs, compare prices, and get covered:


Already have coverage? Most everyone knows at least one person who would benefit from coverage. Make sure they know how to sign up — it’s never been more important.

Visit and do your part to spread the word:


While the website’s launch had its share of problems, the reality is there have been huge improvements. Today, Americans all around the country are signing up for coverage. And millions more are already getting expanded benefits under the health reform law.

But there are still millions of Americans who need to sign up and enroll.

So one more time:

If you don’t have coverage, go to to find a plan that meets your needs.

If you do have coverage, take a minute to pass on the message to someone you know.