ICEP Family Saddened Over Recent News In Akron

The 21-year-old University of Akron student, died after being shot during an armed robbery at Premium New York Style Pizza, a pizza shop owned by his brother in Akron on December 8th.
Mr. Zakareia Husein was a former ICEP (International Community Empowerment Project) student. During his time with ICEP, Zak had the opportunity to write a letter in which ICEP has impacted his life. Here is some of what we’d like to share:

Dear ASIA/ICEP Services,
Every child needs someone in life that shapes them into who they are. For some it could be their older brother, for some their grandparents, or their teachers. For me, it was the people of these programs that helped me grow and develop as a child. Any questions I had with my school work they were always there with a smile to help me out. Homework, quizzes, projects, and everything you can think of, the people of ICEP and the ASIA services were there with open hands to do what they could for me.
It wasn’t just the adults that made up the program; all of us kids in the programs became close and built a great relationship with one another. From schoolwork to playing basketball with each other at the gym, friendships were a very important part of the whole experience. I wasn’t just taught how to be a better student, I was taught social skills, and these skills are ones that are still instilled in me through this day.
The ICEP and ASIA program was a part of my childhood I will never forget. I’d recommend it to anyone that was thinking of putting their children in the program. School work, games, friends, and memories that’ll last a lifetime are just a part of what these programs have to offer. It would be a shame if these programs ceased to exist. If these programs didn’t exist, many people involved, and the past students that were enrolled in the program would be losing a part of them that cannot be replaced. I hope that every person can get to experience just a small piece of what I was able to.
Thank You,
Zakareia Husein

On behalf of the ICEP community, we offer our deepest condolences to the Husein family. Zakareia was a great friend of ICEP and his friendship will be sorely missed. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.