Lots of opportunities: MIT Summer Research, Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship and CAPAL Internship Program

MIT Summer Research Experience

The Department of Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is presently seeking outstanding undergraduates to participate in the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program during the summer term of 2013. Participants must be either permanent residents or US citizens. Applicants should be currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program — returning to their program in Fall Term 2013 — with a major in biology, chemistry, or engineering, and have at least some experience with biology. In addition, only applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or greater (out of 4.00 scale) will be considered. Priority will be given to current juniors.

This summer research experience is intended for students who are considering graduate school in biological engineering.

Each successful applicant will work closely with an MIT graduate student, post-doctoral candidate, or faculty member on BE research. Specific projects are not assigned until after the students’ arrival. The projects are developed by BE faculty. These faculty, along with their areas of research focus, are listed on this website:http://web.mit.edu/be/people/index.shtml.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel J. Darling

Program Coordinator

The MIT Department of Biological Engineering

16-429, 77 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge MA 02139






Cleveland Foundation Summer Internship

Since 1999, the Cleveland Foundation has conducted a summer internship program that provides undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates an opportunity to work for 11 weeks in Cleveland-area nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies.

The program’s objectives include:

Offering first-hand knowledge of the Greater Cleveland nonprofit community, its leadership, and organizations.

Providing meaningful career-related work experience.

Increasing local organizations’ capacity to conduct important short-term projects.

Stimulating interest in a career in the nonprofit or public sectors.

Exposing students to a broad range of public sector endeavors.

For more information, and to apply, visit:



CAPAL Internship Program 

FEDERAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: For the Internship Program CAPAL will help place students in internships within the federal government in DC.  Opportunities in regional offices, including California and Texas, may be possible.  Interns will be placed in program management, legal and finance positions.  These internship positions are suited for individuals looking to gain real-world federal government experience. CAPAL has partnerships with Federal Agencies including Agricultural Research Services and Forest Service.

Each CAPAL intern will be awarded a $3,000 stipend to support the successful completion of their internship plus $500 for travel reimbursement.  Depending on your interests and placement, your duties could vary from policy or scientific research, project coordination and management, business, law, communication, and more.  Applicants are asked to specify their preferences on the application, and those selected will be placed based on their interests and skills. Agricultural knowledge is not required.

Applications can be submitted online through the website:  http://www.capal.org/programs/federal-internship-program.  A complete application includes: (1) a resume; (2) a transcript; (3) personal statement; and (4) two letters of recommendation.  Early decision applications must apply by February 15, 2013; the regular admission deadline is March 1, 2013.


SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: For the Scholarship Program CAPAL is offering scholarships from $2,000-$3,000 plus a $500 travel stipend for individuals working in unpaid public service internships (nonprofit/government) this summer in the Washington, DC metropolitan region.  Students will be considered based on financial need and will be required to disclose any other funding sources received.  Applications can be submitted online through the website: http://www.capal.org/programs/scholarship-program.  A complete application includes: (1) a resume; (2) a transcript; (3) personal statement; (4) two letters of recommendation; and (5) a statement of financial need.  Early decision applications must apply by February 15, 2013; the regular admission deadline is March 1, 2013.