Meet Dr. Sibley Strader!

Meet Dr. Sibley Strader, one of the bilingual physicians at ASIA’s International Community Health Center in Akron. She has been a longtime friend of ASIA before joining the team in 2022. She is passionate about providing personal care to each patient and connecting them to the social or behavioral health services that a patient needs to ensure their holistic wellbeing. We got to hear from her about being a doctor and the community that she supports.  


What is your favorite part of being a doctor? 

I love that I am deeply connected to the community I serve. Working in ASIA enables me to provide the wrap around service to address every aspect of my patients' needs. I have been helping out in ICHC since it opened, and it has been incredible to watch its amazing transformation in the past decade. 


What is a challenge that you face in your work as a doctor? 

There is so much I can do and so much more I want to do for all my patients. I wish I had an endless supply of time, energy and resources so I can work with my ASIA family to meet all of their medical and psychosocial needs.  


What are your hopes for the patient community that you serve?  

I hope they can access quality and equitable healthcare. I hope they can build a home in the neighborhood they love, where they can work, play and grow old. I hope they always feel safe, happy, loved and that they belong. I hope they can achieve their dreams and watch their children flourish. I hope they can freely celebrate their culture and find new things to love....I can go on forever.