[PR] Michael Byun Appointed Chair of AAPI Advisory Council


Cleveland, OhioAsian Services In Action, Inc. is happy to announce that Michael Byun, CEO was recently appointed as Chair of the Asian American Pacific Islander Advisory Council (OAAPIAC) for a term beginning September 23, 2015 and continuing at the pleasure of the Governor.

The Ohio Asian American Pacific Islander Advisory Council promotes Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI’s) rights and well-being through education and mobilization of all stakeholders including AAPI communities, government agencies, and the Ohio society in general. In September of 2007, past Ohio Governor Ted Strickland issued a Directive Order to establish the OAAPIAC. Upon taking office, Governor John Kasich continued the OAAPIAC. Today, the Council is made up of 10 members from across Ohio who serve on the Arts, Culture and Education Committee; Technology Advisory Committee; Culture and Education Committee; Civil Rights and Immigration Impact Committee; Health Issues and the Health Care System Committee; and the Economic Workforce Development Committee. Other Northeast Ohio-based advisory council members include community leaders, Vi Huynh and Radhika Reddy.

Michael Byun has worked for nearly 20 years on health disparities, social justice, and immigrant and refugee issues. His efforts focus on AAPI and other underserved communities. In addition to ASIA, Inc., Byun serves on local, state and national boards, and advisory committees. He is the board co-chair for the National Coalition of Asian Pacific American Community Development (CAPACD), advisory board for the Association of Asian American Pacific Community Health Organization (AAPCHO), and founding member for the national AIM for Equity. In April of 2014, he was appointed by President Barack Obama to the President’s AAPI Advisory Council.