Protect our health center in AsiaTown (National Call-In Day – TODAY)

A word from our Executive Director.
Dear friends of ASIA,

For over the last five years, we have learned community members here in Northeast Ohio delay receiving health care to travel by bus to New York City to access services from someone who speaks their language or is familiar with their cultural background.

ASIA-ICHC was established to address the need for a safety-net health center that offers linguistically and culturally appropriate care to our community. In September 2015, the legislation that funds ASIA-ICHC and the many other health centers across the country anticipates a 70% reduction unless Congress takes action to correct the community health center fiscal cliff.

Today, March 19th, many community health center advocates will visit members of Congress in D.C. to express concerns and ask for a solution. Please take a moment during your free time to join the National Call-In Day.

Information is below. Please share this widely.

Thank you for your support!