Students Share Story About The Affordable Care Act

Last week, we posted videos of our students going to Senator Portman office to drop off 1,000 cranes and share their ideas about the ACA. In Japanese culture, 1,000 cranes means you get one wish. This week, we share the students story about how important ACA is to them.

We need your help now more than ever.

Call Sen. Rob Portman to stand with us and say no to this cruel bill.

Take just 1 minute of your lunch break every day this week to call Senator Portman at 1-888-200-5389.

“Senator Portman, as a constituent of Ohio, I oppose your plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and ask that you vote against the AHCA bill to protect my care. The bill will take away health care coverage from millions of Americans, include 30,000 Asian American and Pacific Islanders in our state.”

Help us stop Senator Portman from voting for the repeal of ACA by taking just 1 minute of your lunch break every day this week and reading the script above. Share this email with 5 of your colleagues, family, and friends to help straighten our voice and protect our community. Let us know you’re made the call by clicking here and signing your name!