Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week: Phone Scams

This is Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week.

Be aware of phone scams where callers claim to be from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and threaten to have a person arrested or deported for owing taxes.

Don’t be tricked.

Even if you do owe taxes, the IRS will never:

  • Call and demand immediate payment over the phone;
  • Demand payment with a prepaid debit card, or ask for your credit card or debit card number over the phone; or
  • Threaten to call the police or immigration authorities.

If you get a call like this, report it online to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration or call 800-366-4484. Also, report it to the Federal Trade Commission.
To learn more about tax scams, watch this video and read this IRS Tax Tip Sheet. If you think you owe taxes, you can call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and they may help you arrange a payment plan.
Credits: Visit for more information on common scams targeting immigrants.