You Are Invited: to ICEP’s last day celebration

International Community Empowerment Project (ICEP)

End of Summer Program Party

July 25,2013 

Findley CLC

65 W. Tallmadge Avenue, Akron 44310

Lunch 12:00 noon 

The last day for the ICEP summer program will be Thursday, July 25.

The students will come to the program as usual at 9:00am.

They are to bring food (enough for 12 people) from their culture that can be shared by everyone.

They are also encouraged to wear an outfit that represents their culture.

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to share the meal.

We will start eating at 12:00 noon.

Following the meal, we will have a presentation, by the students, of things they have worked on during the ICEP summer program.

There will also be a presentation of certificates to students and volunteers.

The students may then go home.

If you have any questions please call Kim Helms or Mao Vue at 330 535 3263.

<Download the Flyer Here>