Your story could help us reform immigration

Our immigration system is broken, and in the weeks ahead, pushing for reform will be one of our top priorities. For the past month, organizations across the country have been actively involved in this debate and to accomplish that goal, we’ll need your support.

We’ve already heard from people from across the country — like Ramona, whose parents immigrated here in 1920 and helped to build the New York subway system:

“My father, like so many other immigrants, helped to build this country and its economy,” she said. “We all have come from someplace else if we go back far enough and, as you said Mr. President, ‘we’ve always been better off for it.'”

The United States is a nation of immigrants, and so almost all of us have an immigration story. As we prepare for the debate ahead, we want to hear yours. We’ll use the information you share to put a face on this conversation in Washington — and make sure that the perspective of individual Americans is part of the policy discussion.

NOW, the White House would like to hear your immigration story.

Please submit your story and be part of this debate: