AsiaTown Master Plan request for proposals/qualifications

The intended outcome of the AsiaTown Master Plan is to articulate a broad vision for AsiaTown’s future and identify key projects and programs in making AsiaTown a premiere neighborhood for quality of life and a regional destination for arts and culture. The plan should direct development, infrastructure, and economic activities and guide creating a successful AsiaTown District.

If you have appropriate qualifications to complete a master planning process we request that you submit your qualifications/proposal no later than the 9th Day of December 2011. We will select a firm no later than the 21st day of December 2011. We would like to have the work completed by the June 30th 2012.

Qualifications/Proposals will be evaluated on the firm’s ability to meet the desired deliverables within our budget and timeline.

Click here for submission requirements and more information.