The ACE Network Hosts Retreat Around Voter Engagement

Twelve (12) community-based organizations (CBOs) all across Ohio gathered in Akron on October 6 through October 7, as part of the ACE Network, to discuss plans around voter engagement leading up to the November 6, 2018, Ohio General Election.

Representatives from Akron, Cleveland, Columbus gathered to share their voter engagement plans and hear strategies from the field. Participants also had a day of development training, as part of a Midwest partnership led by Advancing Justice Chicago.

The ACE Network is Ohio’s only AAPI-focused, nonpartisan, civic engagement network in the state aimed at increasing¬†voter participation rates in immigrant communities. ACE¬†has registered over 1,400 voters across the state as part of a coordinated effort to provide voter education aimed at increasing voter turnout and closing the parity gap in Ohio.¬†