[News] #ActToChange – The Movement Against Bullying

The campaign website, ActToChange.org, includes video and music empowerment playlists, and encourages you to “Take a Pledge” to join the #ActToChange movement and stand up against bullying. As one out of three AAPIs does not speak English fluently, resources are available in Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Punjabi, Urdu, and Vietnamese. “Act To Change” will also feature video testimonials of AAPI celebrity athletes, artists, and entertainers.

The “Act To Change” campaign builds a broad, diverse coalition of supporters and forges public-private partnerships across media platforms, and through nonprofit organizations, celebrities, and other stakeholders. “Act To Change” supporters will champion the campaign by:

  • Promoting “Act To Change” content, using the brand and logo on their platforms. This includes using media space online, on television, and on other platforms to spread the word about “Act To Change.”
  • Sharing resources with “Act To Change.” This includes cross-promoting bullying prevention resources.
  • Making influencer and personality commitments. This includes integrating “Act To Change” content in different influencers’ and personalities’ platforms to spread the word.
  • Creating original content for their audience promoting it through their own platforms and talent. This includes creating content that resonates with their particular audiences and doing what they do best: communicating with, engaging, and mobilizing communities to act.
  • Developing new or expanding upon existing programs. This includes building upon existing programming and youth outreach efforts to include bullying prevention themes and messaging.

As we all know, bullying doesn’t build character, it breaks confidence. Join me in the#ActToChange movement against bullying today. Visit ActToChange.org today and learn more.

Take the “Act To Change” pledge:

  • Help stop bullying by not bullying others.
  • Report bullying that you see or experience to your school and trusted adults.
  • Help someone you see who is being bullied.
  • Spread the word about bullying awareness.
  • Share information and resources about bullying prevention and response.
  • Be proud of who you are and celebrate our differences.


Credits: WHIAAPI