ASIA, Inc. Expresses Concern Over Administration's Refugee Admissions Plan

Akron, OH – Asian Services In Action, Inc (ASIA, Inc.) expresses its deep concern over any plan by the Administration to reduce the number of refugees the United States will accept in the upcoming fiscal year.  In fiscal year 2019, the administration dropped the number of refugees allowed to the lowest level in history (at 30,000) and recent reports indicate a consideration to slash the number to zero refugees.

The consequences of such a plan will be damaging, both domestically and globally. Such a decision would reverse 70 years of progress and the commitment on behalf of our country to welcome those fleeing persecution and severe humanitarian crises. We, at ASIA, Inc., serve over 58,000 individuals annually and since 1995, we have advocated for the rights and responded to the needs of immigrants and refugees. 

ASIA, Inc. calls upon the Administration to restore refugee resettlement to 75,000 arrivals per year in the best interests of the American people and to affirm our historical role and tradition of welcoming those enduring violence and vulnerability in other countries. This country’s rich history of welcoming refugees and immigrants from around the world has resulted in incredible cultural, social and economic prosperity, and ensured the United States is a leader on the world stage.

We invite all community members to contact their representatives and ask them to actively advocate for the refugee resettlement program. To find your representative please visit the United States House of Representatives official website.