ASIA receives over $40K in new grants

ASIA is pleased to announce six new grants generously awarded by the following organizations:

The Abington Foundation awarded ASIA’s Community Adult Mentoring program funding to continue afterschool programming on drug prevention and academic support for refugee youth.  For more information, please contact Kitty Leung at 216-881-0330 ext. 202

The McGregor Foundation awarded ASIA’s senior program funding to support senior benefit access.

The Cuyahoga County Department of Senior and Adult Services has provided  generous support for senior transportation services.

The Giving Back Gang supported ASIA’s new farming program to build farming capital for refugee adults.

The Community West Foundation has awarded ASIA a grant through  its Presidential Fund to purchase culturally specific food for the emergency food pantry program.  For more information on senior program and self sufficiency program funding, please contact Susan Wong at 216-881-0330 ext. 201

The Gay Community Endowment Fund has awarded grant funding to kick start ASIA‚Äôs HIV/AIDS prevention program with Asian and Pacific Islander community in Summit County.¬† The purpose of HIV/AIDS Prevention Program for Asian Americans (HIPP)¬†¬† is to build ASIA’s capacity¬† to develop culturally competent HIV/AIDS prevention programs for Asian Americans in Summit County.¬† ASIA will be collaborating with Summit County‚Äôs Community AIDS Network to provide HIV testing and counseling for the API clientele that will be reached through our workshops.¬† For more information on the HIPP project, please contact Sujata Burgess at 216-881-0330 ext. 208