ASIA's ICEP Summer Program ends with a party

After a successful six weeks, ASIA’s International Community Empowerment Project (ICEP) finished their summer program with a wonderful End-of-the-Program Party. On Thursday, August 4th, ICEP students, staff, volunteers, parents, and other visitors spent the last day of the ICEP Summer Program at the Findley Community Learning Center to enjoy the event.

The party not only celebrated another successful summer, but of every culture and ethnicity that was represented by the students. Delicious food of a variety of cultures filled rows of tables, students were dressed in traditional clothing, and visitors could learn about many Asian ethnicities through informational tri-folds.
Once everyone enjoyed their meal, the program prepared by the students and teachers soon began. Each ICEP class presented what they learned throughout the summer and received their graduating certificate from the program. ICEP students also presented cultural songs and stories.

Miss Theresa’s class presents what they learned throughout the program.
Students and volunteers share the legendary Chinese zodiac story of the 12 animals.
Miss Kelly’s class shares what they learned about US holidays.

ICEP students share their experience.

Group of students performing a traditional dance.

Students sing the Napali national anthem.

One class receiving their graduation certificate from ICEP.

The program was a memorable and joyful celebration to mark the end of a great six weeks. As ASIA’s oldest program, ICEP continues to reach the youth and build leaders. Although this summer program has come to an end, many more successful summers are certainly yet to come.

So what was ICEP like this summer?

ICEP’s summer program was an active-learning experience, where students traveled on field trips once a week and participated in numerous learning activities. A regular day at ICEP included English enrichment and Cultural Heritage classes, and various other activities of the day. However, every Thursday was different as all of ICEP took a group trip to a new place. Students visited the Cleveland Zoo, enjoyed an all day picnic at Boettler Park, built structures at Mad Science, and took a swimming trip to Munroe Falls.

ASIA also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and the Summit County Health Department. Every week the Boy and Girl Scouts spent time with ICEP through fun activities. In addition, Tammy Kline from the Summit County Health Department also visited every week to teach students about drug prevention through engaging activities.

With over 30 ICEP students, 42 volunteers – collectively totaling 1,739 hours, 7 essential staff members, and a passionate coordinator, the 2011 ICEP summer program was nothing less of success. With the efforts of ICEP, students were kept physically and mentally engaged. During the End-of-the-Program presentation, one staff member mentioned that without everyone at ICEP, “this summer would have been really boring.”