Attend MAASU Spring Conference at Ohio State University

Join one of our own, as ASIA will be a featured panelist at this year’s MAASU Spring Conference.
ASIA Staff, Rui Zhang will be a panelist for the ”Building Power for Yourself and Your Community” workshop.¬†This workshop will focus on the growth of the AAPI community, and discover where AAPIs stand in politics, pop culture, and the economy.

The Midwest Asian American Students Union started in response to a need for political unity among Asian American students in the Midwest. MAASU works to recognize the needs of the APIA community by assisting schools with the establishment of APIA student organizations, promoting leadership among students, addressing educational needs and rights of the APIA community, and developing a channel of communication among APIA student organizations in the Midwest.

This year, The Ohio State University will be hosting MAASU’s Spring Conference from March 28th-30th, 2014. The Spring Conference is the largest of the two MAASU gatherings in which over 600-1000 students attend to participate in a variety of workshops from leadership skills, resume building, cultural awareness, and more. Students also receive the opportunity to increase their networking skills and build a vast social net that allows a sharing of ideas within the participants and Midwest schools.

For more information about MAASU Spring Conference 2014, and to register click here.