Summer BINGO for Behavioral Health

Play Behavioral Health BINGO and attend FREE events hosted by ASIA-ICHC! Learn more about behavioral health and win prizes at the same time!

Join for a chance to win a $50 gift card!


  1. Add your name and contact information to this sign-up form.
  2. You will be automatically entered into our $50 prize raffle.
  3. Get a BINGO card at ASIA's HAPI Fresh Farmer's Market.
  4. Get a stamp on your card for each activity you complete/attend.
  5. If you attend 1 event, you will receive a pen or stickers.
  6. If you attend 3 events, you will receive a cooling pad.
  7. If you attend 5 events, you will receive an aluminum water bottle.
  8. If you get 4 stamps in a row, column, or diagonal, you get a BINGO.
  9. For every BINGO you get, you will get another entry into the $50 prize raffle.
  10. 2 people will be randomly selected for a $50 gift card at the end of each month.


Events and Dates:

Children’s Mental Health Seminars

Wednesday, August 21 – ABCs of parenting in Nepali

Wednesday, September 18 – Suicide prevention/awareness in Nepali

HAPI Fresh farmers market cooking demos

Wednesday, July 10

Wednesday, August 7



Check out Behavioral Health for other upcoming events.

Watch our Mental Health is not Shameful video.

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