The McGregor Foundation and the Bruening Foundation Support Asian Services In Action’s Senior Success

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July 1, 2013
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The McGregor Foundation and the Bruening Foundation

Support Asian Services In Action’s Senior Success

Cleveland, OH – Asian Services In Action, Inc. (ASIA) has received funds respectively from the McGregor Foundation and The Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation to support the Senior Success! Phase 2. With the past partnership with the McGregor Foundation, the program has led to tremendous positive change among Asian Seniors in Cuyahoga County.

A unique set of challenges among Asian seniors is that they often encounter greater language and cultural barriers as they immigrate to the United States later in their life.  And seniors among different ethnic communities express different interests and priorities. ASIA’s project manager Susan Wong said, “Through previous work, we found out the Korean community loved outdoor activities and wanted health lectures as well as information about Living Wills; the Cantonese and Mandarin communities expressed interest in nutrition, physical activities, wellness education and other health-related items; and the Bhutanese, Karen and Burmese communities showed the most interest in housing, medical coverage and basic needs.”

The goal of Senior Success is to ensure Senior Leaders in Cuyahoga County have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to their community by harnessing their strengths and assets, provide seniors with language and culturally specific assistance with accessing public benefits, support transportation to and from medical and social services appointments, and offer legal and health workshops and activities.

In 2012, ASIA launched the first phase of the program which focused on recruiting and training a cadre of bilingual older Asian adults from six different ethnic communities. In Phase 2, the program will utilize these Asian Senior Leaders and continue reaching a large number of low-income, limited English proficient older adults while establishing a sustainable infrastructure to support their health and well-being.

With the generous support of the McGregor Foundation and the Eva L and Joseph M. Bruening Foundations, ASIA is bound to carry on the implementation of Senior Success! Phase 2 and continue to provide more successful comprehensive health and social services in the future.


Asian Services In Action
Founded in 1995, Asian Services In Action’s mission is to empower and advocate for Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders (AAPIs); and to provide AAPIs access to quality, culturally, and linguistically appropriate information and services. Visit to learn more.  Follow ASIA on Facebook and Twitter!

The McGregor Foundation
Established in 2002 as a private grant making foundation, The McGregor Foundation evolved from a history of more than 125 years of providing distinguished care for seniors at the A. M. McGregor Home in East Cleveland and the Amasa Stone House in the Glenville neighborhood of Cleveland.  The Foundation’s mission is to support seniors in need and those who serve them in Cuyahoga County.

The Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
The mission of the Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation is to reduce the impact of poverty and enhance the quality of life of those most in need in Cuyahoga County. The Foundation invests in effective programs that serve the economically disadvantaged by meeting their educational, employment, and basic human needs.