Webinar July 21: Building communities around healthy responsible food

Join APPEAL for a free webinar, July 21 at 4pm (EDT) to learn more about building communities around healthy, responsible food.

The 60-minute webinar explores strategies of building community though the improvement of food systems. Our featured speakers from the MA`O Organic Farms in Hawai`i and the Association for the Advancement of Hmong Women in Minnesota will share stories of how two communities began producing, distributing, and consuming culturally appropriate food through sustainable agricultural practices. These grassroots efforts seek to address a range of issues, including rectifying the absence of a healthy food system, promoting access to nutritious foods, to addressing broader social and economic injustices faced by these communities.

1. To increase knowledge about existing strategies used by Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities to build communities through the improvement of community food systems
2. To provide tools and resources for those interested in replicating these strategies in their communities

Register here for the webinar.