College Scholarship Available For AAPI Students Interested In Health Professions

The 2019 Wang-Ji Family Scholarship recipients Miss Vy Hoang (left) and Miss Bishnu Chhetri (right) photographed with ASIA, Inc. CEO Elaine Tso.

Asian Services In Action, Inc. (ASIA) is pleased to announce the fourth year of the Wang-Ji-Thong Family Scholarship For Health Professions. The Wang-Ji-Thong Family Scholarship For Health Professions offers two $3,500 scholarships to be awarded to students interested or currently pursuing studies in the health field. A one-time renewable $1,000 book scholarship award is available the following scholarship cycle upon establishing mentorship with new award recipients.

The scholarship is open to qualifying high school seniors and college age Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students residing or studying in Northeast Ohio. Interested candidates must be a part of the AAPI community and they must be studying a health-related field. Each candidate must submit a copy of their SAT or ACT score(s), a typed essay, and a resume/CV that includes volunteerism. Each candidate must submit a letter of recommendation directly to Kelly Le at


Louis Gitsin Thong

A special thank you to Dr. Aileen Thong for contributing to the Family Scholarship For Health Professions. Dr. Thong will be donating on behalf of her father, Louis Gitsin Thong (above). Mr. Thong had a background in business management and finance and had careers spanning decades in the oil and rubber industries. After World War II, Mr. Thong accepted a position with the Standard Oil Company which would later become Exxon Mobil. In his position, he rose to become an executive of the company in Malaysia. Mr. Thong encouraged education for all children. This donation reflects their desire for academic excellence in the health field.

After working at ASIA, Inc. Dr. Jason Wang discovered many AAPI immigrants and refugees were financially unable to enroll in college, or complete a degree. With the help  of his friend Mr. Zack Ji, he started the Wang-Ji Family Scholarship to encourage and support AAPI students who are interested in health professions.

Asian Services In Action, Inc. (ASIA) was founded in 1995 by four women who sought to improve the quality of life for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders  in Northeast Ohio. ASIA , Inc. provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health care, education and social services to address the needs of the AAPI and new American communities at locations in Akron and Cleveland Ohio.